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Mike McGroarty
This is really, really impressive... It really is amazing that you could root something this size!

- Mike McGroarty
Owner of

Dr. O'barr
It was much faster than the conventional method, plus the fact that with the conventional method you only have an 8 or 10 inch tree where as here you have one that is almost 3 feet in length.

- Dendrologist (tree-scientist)

Dr. O'barr's personal fig trees

Jock Lim
It is a fantastic product. I am partnering with Mr.Park in china.

Hong Park from Parkway Greenhouse

Apple Tree Propagation, using small (2") AirPropagators. We got better result using small AirPropagators than medium ones.

Hong Park from Parkway Greenhouse

Pear Tree Propagation, using small (2") AirPropagators. We got better result using small AirPropagators than medium one.

J. Causey
Camellia trees with Air-propagators. Sent by J. Causey from Summit, MS.

Hong Park
Lime & Lemon Trees.

Propagated by Parkway Greenhouse, using our Air-propagators.

T. Nguyen
Longan Tree & Wax Apple Tree.

Propagated last summer for 3 months. They look very healthy now.

Smith Family
Parkway Greenhouse worked with Smith Family in Eva, Alabama.

We installed about 60 Air-Propagators to their 150-year old gardenia trees.

J. Causey
One of many rooted Camellias by using the Air-Propagator!

They really work!

Sent by J. Causey from Summit, MS.

Hello, Mr. Park.
I'm sending you a photo of a new tree.

Sent by Ari from New York.

More Photos from Ari
Fig Trees!

Northshore Camellia Society in Covington, LA
Jim Campbell, John Causey, and other active staff are celebrating their first experience of Air-Propagators.

Pomegranate Trees
I'm trying to create a pomegranate bonsai.

Hong Park at Parkway Greenhouse

Joel de Leon
I found the product very effective. I am attaching some photos of my plants and the good results using your Air Propagator.

Joel de Leon from Houston, TX

More Photos from Joel

Mr. Whang
Mr. Whang's rubber plant with a large Air Propagator.

Mr. Whang from Korea

Jason York
Mr. Park,

Attached are some pictures of a pear tree I propagated in August 2013 and some I started in early April 2014.

I also included a pictures of two Japanese Maples I propagated in August 2013.

Jason York

The current progress of Brad's guava tree after 3 months. It may take 2 more months for transplant.

Terry Prutsos
Hi Mr. Park,

My Mother has a tangerine tree that bears delicious fruit. After reading your testimonials I bought your product. The tree was a tall one so the device was installed high up. I live forty miles away so my sister tried to do the watering with a rickety old ladder. The plant didn't get the watering it should have but surprising to all of us there were roots after 4 months. I placed the plant in a pot with potting soil that is appropriate for a citrus plant. I call her Baby. I am including picture of her.

I have called you many times for information and found you very knowledgeable and your product very good . If I can have success anyone can.

Your friend,

Terry Prutsos

Air-Layering Using the Air-Propagator
by John Causey, member of the Covington Camellia Society

Please click the images for larger view.

Bruce Saunders
Hello Hong K. Park,

I really like the new design of the air-propagators compared to the old style I had been using. I like the thicker plastic, the flat sides as well as the clear side. The clear side really makes activities at my nursery so much easier and saves me many zip-ties as the old style had me continually removing the zip-ties to see if the plant had rooted. I have attached a nice photo to illustrate the ease of viewing the roots using your new design that was put on last fall and taken off last month.

As for roots, I have attached two additional photos to demonstrate the amazing rooting capacity of this time saving device.

It should be noted, Hong, that I was using Clonex (gel) instead of Dip-N-Grow here at my nursery. The website for this product is shown directly below.


Best Regards,

Bruce M. Saunders

Hong Park from Parkway Greenhouse

Lemon Trees

Started to propagate them late November, 2014. Kept the trees in greenhouse during winter.

Father & Son from Bermuda
We had visitors from Bermuda on June 18, 2015.

They bought AirPropagator last year and had very successful result. So they decided to visit our greenhouse.

Hong Park from Parkway Greenhouse

We at Parkway Greenhouse propagated peach trees. These photos were taken about 3 months after we attached the Air Propagators to trees.

Terry Prutsos

Hi Mr. Park,

How are you? I have enjoyed our past conversations and your equipment which work great. I am enclosing pics of my latest clones. One is of my Mom's Eureka lemon tree which I call "Tiss" as a nickname after one of grandsons. The other is called "Snack" after another of my grandsons and is a cross between a really delicious tangerine tree and the Eureka lemon tree. It isn't sweet but has a slightly tart taste but not like a real lemon. They joined my other clone "Baby" which a tangerine tree and you have the pic. Hope you like them.

Your friend,
Terry Prutsos

Hong Park from Parkway Greenhouse

Fuji Apple Tree.

We at Parkway Greenhouse propagated this apple tree 2 years ago.

Hong Park from Parkway Greenhouse

Ginkgo Biloba Tree!

We at Parkway Greenhouse successfully propagated Male Ginkgo trees. Huge demand as an ornamental tree!

Hong Park from Parkway Greenhouse

Mass Production of Crooked Willow Trees!

We installed small (2") AirPropagators to crooked willow trees around September 25, 2015. Around December 8 (after the second frost in Huntsville, Alabama), we harvested them.

Patricia L.

Dear Parkway Greenhouse,

This letter is in regards to propagator of trees.
These pictures are from 2014 to 2015.

I believe these are some blue berry bushes also a pine tree and a maple tree. Your product does work and it was fun and helpful.
Patricia L.

George Gonzalez from Florida

Mango & Guava trees

Bruce Saunders
This is a letter I got from a satisfied customer. It is always great to see someone happy with the air propagator.

Hello Hong,
I hope all is well with you. My package arrived today and all products arrived safely...Thanks! I may have another order for you later in the summer.. I need to get all of these shells( new and old) put on first.
Things are going well here... the nut trees are doing very well from the previous years' air-layers using your system- as well as from previous years.
Tree growth is amazing!! Last summers' air-layers are now roughly 6 ft. trees...( some already with nuts in less than a year's time)!!
I have gotten very good results with this product!